Internet Quota: Definition, Types and How to Save

“In the digital era, internet quota has become a basic need. To use it wisely, you need to understand the types and how to save them.

Internet quota has become an important need in the daily lives of modern society. With an internet quota, you can access social media, video streaming , online shopping and digital banking services .

The bigger the internet quota you have, the more digital services you can access. You can adjust the type of internet quota according to your needs.

Internet quota can be purchased in various ways, one of which is through OCTO Clicks . CIMB Niaga’s internet banking service makes it easy for you to buy internet data packages from various providers anytime and anywhere. Before buying a data package, make sure you have determined the type of package that suits your needs.

What is Internet Quota?

Internet quota or also known as data package is a certain amount of data provided by a cellular operator. This quota is measured in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). Every time you use the internet, this quota will be used.

For example, if you buy an internet package with a quota of 20 GB, then you can only access 20 GB of internet. After the quota runs out, you will be charged an additional fee per KB or per MB.

There are many internet quota options available, ranging from daily quotas to monthly quotas. Daily quotas are usually cheaper, but monthly quotas offer more data.

Types of Internet Quotas

Everyone has different internet needs. Therefore, it is important to choose the type of internet quota that suits your needs. The following are the types of internet quota in Indonesia:

  • Regular quota

The most common type of internet quota found is regular quota. With this quota, you can use it for various needs without any restrictions.

This quota can be used for browsing , streaming videos, using social media, and other online activities . Therefore, this main quota is more expensive compared to other types of quota.

Regular quotas are available in varying amounts, ranging from hundreds of megabytes to tens of gigabytes . There is also a choice of daily or monthly internet quota types that you can adjust to your needs.

  • Night quota

Some cellular operators offer night quotas that allow you to access the internet quickly and cheaply at night. 

Usually, this night’s quota can be used at normal speed at certain hours, such as between 00.00 and 06.00. This type of internet quota is the right choice if you use the internet more often at night.

  • Network based quotas

Internet quota can be divided into 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G quota. This type of quota is adjusted to the type of network used, namely 2G/3G/4G/5G. 

2G quota has the slowest access speed, while 5G quota has the fastest access speed. The faster the internet network offered, the more expensive the quota price will be.

  • Streaming quota

Apart from the regular quota, you can also buy a special quota for video streaming services on certain platforms . This type of internet quota allows you to enjoy streaming entertainment without having to worry about exceeding your regular quota usage limit.

  • Social media quota

Do you often spend a lot of time on social media platforms? Then this type of internet quota will be suitable for you. 

Social media internet quota is an additional package that allows you to access social media platforms that collaborate with the provider of your choice without reducing your regular quota.

  • Game quota

You can choose a type of game quota that is specifically designed for accessing online games . This internet quota allows you to play games without interruption than the regular quota.

  • Bonus quota

Bonus quota is an additional quota given by cellular operators as a gift or bonus to their users. Bonus quotas are usually given with certain conditions, such as topping up credit or purchasing a certain internet package.

  • Unlimited quota

Frequently use the internet throughout the day? Unlimited quota is the best choice. You can access the internet as much as you want without worrying about running out of quota.

Even though it is called unlimited , which means unlimited, this type of internet quota usually has a fair usage limit or FUP ( Fair Usage Policy ) after certain data usage in a month. After reaching this limit, internet speed will slow down.

Make sure you compare offers from various mobile operators and read the terms and conditions carefully before deciding to buy a type of internet quota.

Tips for Saving Internet Quota Usage

To save internet quota, you can do the following tips:

  • Use data saving mode

Data saving mode will automatically reduce cellular data usage when you browse or access certain applications. For example, by blocking automatic app updates and images in emails.

  • Download content first

If you want to watch videos or listen to music, download the content first when you have a stable internet connection. This will save your internet quota when watching or listening to this content.

  • Limit high quality video streaming

Streaming high-quality video, such as 4K video, can quickly use up your internet quota. You can reduce the quality of video streaming , especially if you don’t have a large enough quota to help save data.

  • Turn off cellular data usage for certain apps

Some apps on your phone may consume a lot of cellular data without you realizing it. You can check app data usage in your phone settings and turn off mobile data access for unnecessary apps.

  • Use WiFi if available

One of the most effective ways to save data packages is to use WiFi networks when available. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi network that is guaranteed to be secure, such as your home or workplace network to save on your cellular data usage.

By following the tips above, you can use your internet quota more efficiently. Make sure you choose an internet package that suits your needs.

Ease of Purchasing Data Packages with OCTO Clicks

Through OCTO Clicks , you can buy data packages from your favorite mobile operators anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks. You are also free to choose a CIMB Niaga savings account, debit card or credit card as your payment method.

Following are the steps for purchasing a data package with OCTO Clicks CIMB Niaga in more detail:

  1. Login to OCTO Clicks with your User ID and password
  2. Click the “Other Services” menu, then select “Credit & Data Packages”
  3. Next, you must select the mobile operator you use
  4. Select the type of data plan you want and enter your phone number
  5. Select a payment method, then click “Buy”

Apart from purchasing internet data packages, there are also transfer features, credit top ups , e-commerce payments , buying and selling bonds, paying bills, and opening deposits and mutual funds. Click here to see the full benefits.

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