Take a peek at food truck business opportunities and tips for starting them

“Food trucks are a culinary business that is increasingly in demand in Indonesia. “With planning and strategies like the ones below, food trucks can be a promising business opportunity.”

Food trucks have become a popular phenomenon in the culinary field. Initially, this business with the concept of selling food using minivans appeared in Bandung and Jakarta around the end of 2013.

The food truck business offers a unique and interesting culinary concept, namely serving food in vehicles that can move from place to place. This is what allows food truck businesses to reach more customers.

A food truck is basically a vehicle that has been repurposed so that it can be used to sell various types of food. Therefore, food trucks are considered promising as a business opportunity.

However, you need to prepare sufficient working capital to meet the operational needs of this business. Working capital can be obtained from various sources, such as personal savings, bank loans, or other financing institutions.

You can get flexible financing facilities to meet the capital needs of your food truck business by applying for CIMB Niaga Working Capital Financing . By having sufficient capital, you can start running a food truck business by following the tips below. 

Food Truck Business Opportunities

Increasing public interest in culinary delights is one of the factors driving the development of the food truck business . This is because Indonesian people have a high interest in food and drinks.

The food truck business has quite a big opportunity, especially for culinary entrepreneurs. Its unique concept and presentation of new culinary experiences is well received by the public.

There are many reasons why the food truck business is a promising choice. First, the capital required is relatively more affordable compared to opening a restaurant. 

This business also has high mobility, so it can reach more customers. Apart from that, developments in information and communication technology can also help you promote your food truck business more easily. 

Food Truck Business Ideas

Food trucks can sell various kinds of food and drinks, from snacks, heavy food, to fresh drinks. Here are some ideas for selling food with a truck that you can try:

  • Coffee food truck

Nowadays there are many shops selling coffee. To be able to compete, you need to offer something unique, such as an innovative menu or a unique and interesting food truck service.

You can serve various kinds of coffee, from black coffee, milk coffee, to modern coffee. Make sure you use high-quality coffee beans and brew them properly.

  • Ice cream food truck

Its sweet and fresh taste makes ice cream a food that is liked by all groups, from children to adults. This makes the ice cream food truck business concept a promising business opportunity.

There are various types of ice cream available in the market. You can sell ice cream with a certain theme, such as character ice cream, ice cream with unique toppings , or ice cream with local flavors.

  • Kebab food truck

Kebab is a typical Middle Eastern food that is popular in various countries, including Indonesia. The delicious taste and affordable price make kebabs a food choice that is liked by various groups.

A food truck business selling kebabs has the potential to become a successful business. This is because kebabs are a popular food and are sought after by many people.

  • Fast food food truck

Fast food is one of the most popular types of food in the world. Some fast food menus that are suitable for a food truck business include burgers, hot dogs, pizza, fried chicken, and so on.

Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business

For those of you who are interested in starting a food truck business , here are some things you need to pay attention to:

  • Conduct market research

Before starting this business, you should do research first to find out the opportunities and challenges that exist. Find out who your target consumers are, what types of culinary delights are currently popular, and where is the best location to sell.

  • Determine the type of product to be sold

This is important to determine the right target market and marketing strategy. By choosing the right menu, a food truck business can generate big profits.

  • Prepare adequate equipment

To run a food truck business , you need to prepare adequate equipment, such as vehicles, cooking equipment and serving equipment. You also need to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and suitable for use.

  • Prepare a budget plan

The capital required to start a food truck business varies, depending on the type of food you sell and the equipment you need. 

At a minimum, you need capital ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of rupiah to buy vehicles, equipment, raw materials and other operational costs.

Therefore, you need to prepare a budget plan carefully so you can estimate how much capital is needed to be able to sell food using a truck.

  • Choose a strategic selling location

A strategic selling location is an important factor for the success of a food truck business . You can sell in places that are busy with people, such as shopping centers, night markets, or tourist locations.

  • Obtain a business license

Regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia No. 46 of 2009 requires a Trading Business License (SIUP) for business actors with net worth above IDR 50 million, excluding land and buildings.

However, business actors with net worth below IDR 50 million can still apply for a SIUP voluntarily. Make sure you have obtained the necessary business permits to sell with a food truck.

  • Carrying out effective promotions

Effective promotion will make potential consumers interested in finding out more about the products you sell. You can use social media or distribute flyers as a way to promote the food truck business you are starting.

So , those are some food truck business ideas and tips for starting them that you can use as a reference. With careful planning and strategy, selling using a food truck can be a profitable business opportunity.

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